All About Mice In Red Deer

Below is our table of content on mice , what they do, what to do with them, and so much more!

Why Do I Have Mice In Red Deer?

Mice are scavengers, they will feed off dropped food and food in your home. They, just like most pests, are looking for food, shelter, and water. The mice scavenge around homes and other human dwellings looking for left behind food and water they can eat/drink. Mice love to eat garbage or even bird seeds. Something as simple as a bird feeder that drops some seeds on the ground could attract these pesky critters.

What Attracts Mice To Your Red Deer Home?

Mice will feed on most things left behind by humans. Things such as unsealed garbage or compost are food the mice will search out and eat. Mice are also looking for shelter in and around your property. Debris on your lawn or an unclean home could give them a place to nest and settle.

How To Prevent Mice In Red Deer

No one wants insect pests, so it\’s best to prevent them before you have to get them removed. We have put a small numbered list on ways we recommend to prevent wasps from entering in and around your property.
1. Always store your garbage in rodent-proof containers.
2. Make sure you don’t leave food for your pet outside all the time, as this is an easy meal for the mice. 
3. Your bird feeders should always be rodent proof and keep the seeds from falling onto the ground.
4. Keep the yard and home clean, free of debris and places where a mouse could nest.
5. Make sure you also avoid leaving any standing water such as bird baths, as mice always love a nice, refreshing drink.

Where Do Mice Live In Red Deer, And Why?

Mice will either live in nests they have built or burrow underground. If the nest is underground they tend to make those in your lawn or garden around your home. With their nests above ground they will make them in bushes, trees, and of course, your home.

D.I.Y. Ways To Remove Mice

The usual D.I.Y. mice removal is of course mouse traps. You can purchase traps with poison for your mice pest problem that tend to work better than others. However, nothing beats the work of a professional pest control expert. If the mice won\’t go away or keep coming back, the best way to handle a mice issue is to contact a licensed pest professional who can remove the mice pest problem.

How Much Does Professional Mice Control Cost?

Mice control is something people always dread because they think it costs an arm and a leg when in reality it isn\’t bad at all! Our experts on site will give you a detailed inspection and quote. Usually for a mice removal it will cost around $300 – $1,000 depending on the severity and size of the major pest problem.

Where Can You Find Mice In Red Deer?

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