All About Wasps In Red Deer

Below is our table of content on wasps, what they do, what to do with them, and so much more!

Why Do I Have Wasps In Red Deer?

Overwintering queens may seek out low traffic areas of homes and structures, such as attics, outbuildings, or other storage spaces. Previously used animal burrows outside the home can provide suitable nesting sites and may therefore attract wasps to the property. Additionally, wasps may nest in bare or sandy soils, within wall voids, in abandoned vehicles, or in tree cavities found near the home around the property. They may build their nest in any spot around your home or property. They usually get in through small access points around the property.

What Attracts Wasps To Your Red Deer Home?

Wasps are attracted to human environments and activities primarily due to the presence of foods or garbage. Wasps tend to be attracted to scents. Some wasps may even swarm you due to the scent of your cologne. Areas that contain smaller lesser insects will also attract the wasps! Wasps will tend to eat insects and arachnids so having another pest problem could lead to a wasp infestation!

How To Prevent Wasps In Red Deer

No one wants insect pests, so it’s best to prevent them before you have to get them removed. We have put a small numbered list on ways we recommend to prevent wasps from entering in and around your property.
1. Remove all the sources of food around your porch and property, this includes rotting fruit and berries.
2. Keep your doors and windows shut. Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed so the wasps cannot slip through.
3. Regularly check for nests being built to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.
4. Seal your garbage cans and compost. If they can’t get into some of the food they enjoy then they are less likely to nest nearby.
5. Pick up your trash. Make sure no garbage is on your property.

Where Do Wasps Live In Red Deer, And Why?

Wasps prefer to build their nests underground or in greenery such as shrubs, trees, and bushes. Many species of wasps especially around Red Deer will either create their own nest or assume nests made by other creatures such as other wasps or smaller mammals. Voids in your walls or windows/doors may cause wasps to nest inside your home.

D.I.Y. Ways To Remove Wasps

Insecticide sprays designed for wasps can be effective when they make contact with the insect. However, they can also irritate a nest, causing it to become more active. Because of the high degree of danger associated with stings, the best way to handle a wasp issue is to contact a licensed pest professional who can remove or relocate the nest.

How Much Does Professional Wasps Control Cost?

Wasp control is something people always dread because they think it costs an arm and a leg when in reality it isn’t bad at all! Our experts on site will give you a detailed inspection and quote. Usually for an wasp removal it will cost around $300 – $1,000 depending on the severity and size of the nest.

Where Can You Find Wasps In Red Deer?

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